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So you can stop leaving money on the table and put your website to work for you!

Let's Scale Your Online Business with SEO, Keywords, & Blogging Strategy

In one hour
we will will have 

Nail Down your exact keywords

Know which keywords you should be "going for" and where to implement them for maximum impact. 

a keyword Rich Content strategy!

Have a strategy for your SEO and Keywords as well as months of content ideas!

One Hour Coaching Call

You'll fill out a pre-call questionnaire so I can have all kinds of ideas for our call! During our call I will do keyword research FOR you and WITH you to make 100% certain that these words and phrases feel authentic to you and who you want to serve. I'll then walk you through some very strategic places to implement your new keywords on your website and in your content titles. 

$250.00 per hour

*Must know your content pillars to book this call. If you need additional help figuring out your content pillars, you must purchase an additional 30min of call time. 

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Ongoing Business Coaching

Want my help all over optimizing your marketing and re-vamping your business to generate more leads? Then this is the package for you! 
Minimum of 3 month commitment

Prices start at $500/ month

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Emma launched with confidence

She took the time to get to know me and my business, and she was able to write content that simultaneously spoke to my specific target market AND sounded like “me.” 

Sydney could stop worrying about her content

"She’s been a game changer in my scaling" 

I feel absolutely relieved about my blogs and copy now because I don’t have to worry about it. Faith has an amazing capability in just kind of taking my ideas and helping me build them out .

This could be you....

Molly finally understands how to blog with strategy

Faith’s course helped break that process down into something that feels more manageable, and something that will actually help me and save me time.


You really could probably figure it all out on your own. You could spend years sifting through articles, studies, courses, and books and spend thousands of dollars. 

let's work together

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Write better content and communicate with your people SOOOO much better.

This is the system I wish I had when I was starting out. Save hours and hours of your time, work smarter, and generate more leads. 

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