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So you want to live an exciting life, full of passion and adventure? You long to live passionately with purpose and meaning, but you haven’t seen it done. So much of what you’ve seen done in the name of religion is not what you would call, well… passionate or wild, and definitely not freeing. You know there is more. You KNOW that you were made for more. You desperately NEED more. You just don’t know if it’s possible to live fully alive, pursuing the passions of your heart AND love Jesus.


Or maybe you know what it is to live with passion, but you are sick, tired, stressed, or upset more than you would care to admit. You KNOW that there is more.  You know that you could and should be living more passionately  if only you felt better, if only you weren’t already so stressed.


We are here to tell you that it’s not only possible to live passionately,

but that we’ve tasted it and we never want to live any other way.


So, welcome. Welcome to The Wild and Free where we hope to help you live passionately: wild and free and pursue the passions of your heart. To help you live whole- spirit, soul, and body, and to fulfill your God given destiny.  Here you will find  easy to read yet challenging articles that help you overcome obstacles that are keeping you from living passionatlely. We want to help you  live WHOLE- spirit, soul, and body, and show you what it takes to be in passionate pursuit of an intimate relationship with a holy, loving, passionate, and WILD God.


For all of our lives, we have been very “well rounded” people. Growing up, Faith excelled in math, English, history, dramatic performance, basketball, rodeo, leadership organizations, and training up people around her. By nature, she coaches and encourages those around her to grow, to be the best that they can be. Early in life, Faith developed an interest in natural alternatives and has spent countless hours researching, experimenting, and learning about natural health and wellness.


Nate, while not your typical “life of the party” type personality has a natural gift with people and rises to leadership in nearly every situation. He has always been active, though not nearly as health and fitness conscious until he met Faith 😉 An electrician by trade and a mountain man by birth, Nate is focused and determined. Nate is an expert at paying attention to detail, planning, and taking chaos and bringing it to order. An excellent problem solver, Nate is fantastic at taking a big goal and making it bite size.


We have been plugged into and faithfully serving in our local church and youth ministries for 10+ years and have been intentional to disciple those under our leadership for years.  We love that when we reflect back on our spiritual growth, we can honestly say that we consistently know God better and better each year. We constantly feed ourselves in whatever area we are focused on growing in at the time. We have established a lifestyle of staying full and healthy. We constantly set goals for ourselves and meet them.


In our down time, we love to watch action movies, eat {dairy free} ice cream, cuddle with our dogs, and stare at the cute tiny human we made. We are all about slow Saturday mornings with lots of coffee, trips to the mountains, leading worship for the youth at our awesome church, spontaneous “sword fights” and “sparring matches.” We like to laugh too loud, sing all day, and all in all ENJOY life.


So won’t you join us in this journey as we discover, learn, and apply

what it means to live wild, live free, and pursue the passions of our hearts?


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