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One Hour SEO & Keyword Coaching Call

You'll fill out a pre-call questionnaire so I can have all kinds of ideas for our call! During our call I will do keyword research FOR you and WITH you to make 100% certain that these words and phrases feel authentic to you and who you want to serve. 

$400 per hour

*Must know your content pillars to book this call. If you need additional help figuring out your content pillars, you must purchase an additional hour of call time. 

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Typically, in one hour, we can figure out:
  • Your target keywords
  • H1 Keywords for each of your main pages
  • Page Title Keywords
  • 4-8 Blog post topics and SEO friendly title

If you would prefer to work through another aspect of your marketing strategy or business growth in your 1 hour call, please note this in the intake form. 

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Prices start at $600/ month

Some of the biggest breakthrough comes from having an outside voice and a coach to help you along the way. 
As an ongoing business coaching client you can expect:
  • 1 hour call/ month
  • Weekly check in, scripture, prayer, and encouragement via email
  • Monthly assignments for better SEO & content
  • 15 minutes of Voxer access per week
  • My brain and long term strategic thinking working on your business

Ongoing Business Coaching

VIP Copywriting and SEO Day

Are you ready to have your project done... like... last week? Do you KNOW that SEO friendly website copy has the potential to ROCK your online business world? (Cuz it TOTALLY does). 

Then a VIP Copywriting and SEO Day might be JUST the fit for you!

With a VIP day you get our (my and my teams) undivided attention and a full 6 hour work day dedicated to you, your message,  and your SEO strategy... all written in YOUR voice.  A VIP day allows for quicker turnaround with a very focused work time. Clients are asked to be "on call" and available to answer questions and review for the full work day. 

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You really could probably figure it all out on your own. You could spend years sifting through articles, studies, courses, and books and spend thousands of dollars. 

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This is the system I wish I had when I was starting out. Save hours and hours of your time, work smarter, and generate more leads. 

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