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Let’s talk about repurposing your blog content. If you are like most small business owners, content creation stresses you out. What do you write about? How often should you post? And then once you finally DO create something and hit publish, you are just onto the next thing. Content creation can EASILY feel like a […]



Blogging Tips

What to Do Before You Hire a Blog Writer

Should I hire a blog writer? What should I expect from a blog writer? Is hiring a blog writer worth my investment? These are all, ALL good questions that you should have answers to before you shell out cash. I truly do believe that most business owners need to do these 5 things before they hire a blog writer.


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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth Secrets Nobody Talks About

Oh how I wish these spiritual growth secrets weren’t so “secret”. Sometimes my heart breaks for new Christians who is just learning what it means to follow Christ and grow spiritually. There are so many areas of our lives where we can just google a list of suggestions, steps, or tips and check things off […]


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Content Tips

3 Content Creation Tips to Talk Out Your Content

See, here’s the thing, not everyone processes things best by writing. Contrary to what your high school English teacher told you, not everyone gets to be a natural writer just by writing more. Some people are natural-born talker-outers! Meaning this: you need to verbalize something to process it. But how do you verbalize something effectively? How do you best talk out your content? Well, allow me to teach you.


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Spiritual Growth

7 Ways to Show Yourself Grace Like it Really is Your First Rodeo

I tend to get really frustrated with myself sometimes. Why is keeping up with a house, a business, barrel horses, and 2 little kids so hard? Why do I always have a mountain of clean laundry to fold? I mean, it’s NOT like it’s hard to wash, dry, and immediately fold and put away clothes. It’s NOT rocket science. And yet, I regularly find myself having to re-figure out systems, tweak things, and look for new ideas to get things done with my children in tow. It’s frustrating, to say the least, some days.

And then one day, I realized one of the main reasons why I feel so frustrated:

I’m expecting myself to feel like an expert in a season I’ve never been through before, on a day I’ve never lived before, solving problems I’ve never encountered before.

When the reality is, each new season brings its own challenges AND graces. Each season, each phase, heck, sometimes even each DAY, is a first rodeo.

So, I began to shift my thinking: what if I showed myself the same grace I would if it really WAS my first rodeo? What would that look like? What kind of attitude would I have? What kind of expectations would I have for myself? What progress would I celebrate?


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Personal Growth

The Truth About Adult Friendships I Wish I Would Have Known Years Ago

You know that quote, “show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future”? Pair that with the fact that the Bible has a ton of things to say about our friendships and the company we keep. And all of this is good, but adult friendships are HARD sometimes if I’m being brutally honest. And don’t even get me started on finding and keeping strong female friendships as a work-at-home Mom in rural America. Like, wanna drive 30 minutes across bumpy dirt roads to hang out? Lemme get back to you in 3-5 business years when my schedule isn’t dictated by naptime and budget constraints. (Cuz Fiji for a week with a nanny in tow, not in the budge pal). The fact of the matter is this: adult friendships look a LOT different than our friendships in high school or even college. But it seems like the whole world expects us to still operate with the same capacity for fancy friend things as we did when we were 18, kidless, and footloose. However, I do genuinely believe that having strong female friendships is not only essential but possible. So read on and hear my heart and some of the lessons I’ve learned.


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Personal Growth

How to Choose the Best Online Educator for You

The online world is buzzing with educators. 5-10 years ago, online courses weren’t even a thing unless you enrolled in the University of Phoenix. But today? I swear that I see a new online course or an entirely new-to-me- online educator advertised daily. And on the one hand, I think this is absolutely amazing! You can learn so many cool and specific skills from such a wide variety of people that you’re sure to find someone you jive with that can teach you exactly what you need to know. On the other hand, it can also be REALLY overwhelming. With so many online courses and online educators to choose from, how do you pick? How do you know which online educator is the best fit for you? Sit tight as we get into 9 things you should consider when choosing an online educator to give your hard-earned money to.



Must Reads

5 Things Your Homepage Must Have to Maximize Revenue

As a professional website copywriter and content strategist, I often see so many amazing small businesses with fantastic products and a heart of gold to serve their customers, but their homepage copy is costing them SO many sales simply because they are missing 1 or all of these 5 things every homepage needs.


Spiritual Growth

5 Things My Kids Have Taught Me About Spiritual Growth

I’ve gotta be honest. When I would read the scripture about “come unto me like a child” years ago I didn’t really give much weight to it. If you’ve been around here for a minute, you know that large groups of small children are NOT my thang. Gimme teenagers all day, but booger eaters in large quantities? Nope. I’m out. It honestly wasn’t until I had my own kids that this scripture started taking root and making me examine the way I approach my Heavenly Father. I mean, sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know, right? But for those of you who are where I used to be (or maybe you never struggled with that) here is some fresh perspective on things my children have taught me about my relationship with God and spiritual growth and development.



5 Reason Photographers Need a Blog

What if I told you that your blog was one of the top 3 most valuable pieces of online territory that you have? (The other two are your home page and your email list, but that is another story for another blog). And I say this to not just all business owners casually including photographers so they don’t feel left out. I’m saying this to photographers ESPECIALLY. Photographers, you need, yes I said NEED a blog for your photography business. Blogging regularly and strategically will help build your business wisely, boost your sites SEO, establish you as an expert in your field, help clients connect with you more, and lighten your client communication workload. Blogging is no longer just some cutsey habit for influencers or travel queens; it is essential for almost every business, but especially photographers. Read on and apply all these proven tips to get solid on your blogging “why” and have a baller execution plan



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