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5 Can’t-Miss Elements of Great Website Copy to Get More Sales & Better SEO

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With some repeat VIP day clients coming up, I have website copy (extra) on the brain and wanted to share a few non-negotiable elements of great website copy to have on file for your brand. So I’m going to walk you through five elements of copy that I want you to have for your own brand so that you can have great conversions and great SEO at the same time.


5 Website Copy Elements for Better SEO

1. CLEARLY state THE MAIN thing that you do

This is your main, or core, message. It is the crux of what you do right? So you have to make sure that it is stated as clearly as you can make it.
Consider these factors to make a simple, clear message:

  • Is it stated so simply and so clearly that a 5-year-old could understand it?
  • Am I trying to be clever? Because usually clever isn’t clear.
  • Can somebody outside of my industry understand what I mean by how I’m saying this?
    • Full disclosure- I have not always done this super well.

The fact of the matter is, if we, as business owners, cannot communicate what we do in a very succinct and simple way, then the people around us, or our clients, also cannot communicate what we do in a simple way. If what you do is not clearly communicated, it’s harder for clients to either explain what they’re having done in their business or refer us out.

Fair warning: Figuring out the verbiage for the main thing that you do is something that I have a lot of clients and students struggle with. And I think it’s partly because we’ve been conditioned to try to figure out what sets us apart, which is good. But if you can’t clearly and simply tell me what you do -the problem that you solve- then you’re making it overly complicated and I want you to just back up. Back up, zoom out, and tell me what you do.


2. Be a Little Bit Edgy with Your Website Copy

In your website copy- you need an edgy way to say the thing that you help people with. Now this is not going to be like something that you post all over the world. It’s an element of what we call microcopy that you have on file to just pull and use throughout different pieces of your brand, like your website, blog, emails, or social media. This is not the time to invent a name, still be clear.
Some examples of this would be:

  • A social media strategy that doesn’t suck
  • Travel strategies that don’t require couponing or red-eye flights
  • Table scapes that don’t feel like your weird Aunt Karen’s
  • Photos sessions that don’t give you Sears flashbacks

How edgy or how gutsy these statements are just depends on your brand, your positioning, and how gutsy and potentially offensive you want to be. And I’m not saying that you should be rude, but I don’t have any problem being just a little bit gutsy with some of my copy. Ultimately, from a buyer psychology standpoint -the shared enemy strategy that we’re working on- it’s okay to get a little bit gutsy.

3. Break it Down in 3-5 Steps

The third element of great website copy is to be able to break down in 3-5 steps the simple explanation of what it takes to get your client from point A (where they’re coming to you) to point B (where they leave happy, satisfied and skipping off into the sunset). Potential clients need to know how are you going to help solve their problems. This is not what you lead with. This is not the tippy top of your website, but further on down your website. I always have copy clients give me these 3-5 steps, and we work them into their website copy either with graphics or just written out steps. This not only simplifies things, but it also lets people know that you know what in the heck you’re doing. And it also breaks things down into bite-sized information that our brains can process.


4. Be Strategic With Your SEO

The fourth element is strategic SEO (obviously, y’all know I’m going to get some SEO in there).
I want you to know what are your main keywords, your goal, or target keywords that you want to get found for.

  • I try to keep most clients at around three to five keyword phrases. This does not mean that you’re only going to show up for three to five. This is just like the bigger umbrella phrases that you want to get found for.
  • Obviously, there’s a ton of research that goes into this but you need to know your main goal target keywords because then you can integrate those organically into your website copy.
  • If you don’t have a great keyword strategy, then go ahead and book a one-hour SEO and keyword strategy call and we will get this mapped out for you!
  • Bonus tip: You can integrate those main keyword phrases into all kinds of elements around your website. And I want these things to be on a document that is shared with your team. Link it in all of the places so that it’s easy to find.

5. Tell Them the Cost of NOT Doing Business With You

The fifth element of copy that I want your brand to have is a clearly communicated cost of not doing business with you.

  • This is really the place that I’m okay with being a little bit edgier. But obviously, you need to be truthful. I’m not telling you to be a Liar McLiar Pants. You need to be truthful, but there IS a cost of not doing business with you.
  • Now sometimes that’s worth it, right? If you’re selling me something that I don’t really need, and I don’t buy it, then the cost of not doing business with you is worth it. But for your ideal client, for whom you are making their life better or easier, there IS a cost for them not doing business with you.
  • And it is okay to say that thing boldly in your website copy.

Improve Your Website Copy for More Leads & Sales

Hopefully, this gave you some really tangible tips for better SEO and marketing to get more leads and more sales from your website! If you are jumping up and down in your chair saying, “Faith, I need help with my website copy. My website copy is janky. My website embarrasses me. It’s not converting.” Then book a discovery call to see if your business is a good fit for a VIP day. Let’s make sure that you get your website and your SEO strategy done right, instead of having to redo it.

The fun part about working with us is you get your website copy and your SEO strategy all in one instead of having to pay for that twice or go back and redo it because you put a ton of effort into something that then is not communicated clearly.

Get on that list for a VIP day for your website copy, your SEO strategy, and your keywords. You walk away with high-converting website copy and your SEO strategy in a day! We jump in, go gangbusters, and get it hashed out, edited, and packaged up in a pretty little bow for you in one business day.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at And if you think you might be a good candidate for a VIP day for your website copy, then let us know!

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