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5 Reasons You Need a Content Strategy

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We hear it again and again and again in literally any business-building podcast. “Content is King” “Great content is where the money is at” blah blah blah. I mean, that’s cool and all. But WHY? and better yet HOWWWWW are you as a business owner who (I’m just guessing) is already busting your hind end to do all the things. That taking time to sit down and have a full-on content strategy seems impossible AND painful. What do you mean by content strategy, Faith? Why can’t I just snag one of those content planner freebies that I see advertised 900xs per day?

Well, friend, I’m glad you asked. A content plan simply shows you what you’re posting. In its purest form, a content planner will just spit back out the info you put into it. A content planner (or editorial calendar) will tell you “post this on this day. However, If you don’t have any actual strategy (forethought, planning, and research) behind your content plan, then you’re just going to spend your time searching for trendy songs and shaking your tush on the internet to “get more views. Which btw- does not convert to more sales if you are attracting the wrong viewers.

5 Reasons You Need a Content Strategy

and How it Will Make Your Life Easier

1. You need a content strategy is based around your overall business goals

  • What products are you promoting? What programs do you think are most fitting for this season? Your content should hinge around those things. 
  • If your business goals don’t really include becoming a tik-tok phenom, then why would you waste your precious hours filming every trendy dance video that pops up?

2. You need a content strategy to create loyal customers, not just one time sales.

  • Your content should be about MORE than just what you sell. (Go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor). I know that we are all on all these dang platforms to create content that moves the needle in our businesses. But people are tired of being sold to all the time. If all you do is sell, sell, sell, then people will never connect with you as a person, your brand, or your “why.” Which as we all know Simon Sinek says is the reason why the most successfu lcomapnies are succesful.
  • Create a content strategy that include more than just talking about your content. You need strategcally selected (and executed) content pillars that all center around your “why”.

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3. You’ll feel MUCH more empowered to create content that moves the needle.

  • As humans, we are intrinsically motivated to do things that we either enjoy or that we see a purpose in. Nobody but nobody wants to do something that is HARD or inconvenient that they see little to no results for. 
  • When you have a great content strategy that you KNOW is the right fit for your business, you’re more likely to stay motivated and empowered to create consistently great content. 

4. Actual content creation will take way less time

  • Have your core messaging and your “why” set, and coming up with the actual words will be MUCH easier (as me how I know). 
  • This is honestly why I am very selective about the content writing clients that I take on. I don’t want to spend precious hours of my life writing about things and companies that I don’t resonate with, and I doubt that you do either!

Ready to hand over the content creation so you can get back to other things? Let’s chat!

5. Your audience will be less confused if you have an actual content strategy

  • As one of my favorite marketing gurus Donald Miller says: “When you confuse, you lose.” 
  • When we don’t have a true content strategy and just take the spaghetti at the wall approach, we leave our audience scratching their heads.
  • However, when you have a content strategy with the right content pillars, a strong why, and clear messaging, your audience will understand you, your product, and connect with you beyond what you actually sell.

While, obviously, I am not a proponent of only talking about one thing forever and ever amen with your audience, I do believe that if you approach your content strategy with… well no strategy, you’ll end up feeling defeated. Your strategy matters because your product and your DREAM matter! And truly, if you need someone in your corner to help you come up with the best content strategy for you and your business, reach out here to schedule a content strategy!

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