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5 Things Your Homepage Must Have to Maximize Revenue

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So you’ve got your website nearly finished or heck, maybe you’ve even had your website done for a while now. Maybe you paid a designer, maybe your website branding is on point, but when it comes to the words on the page especially your homepage website copy… well you’re a little stumped. Maybe you scoured the internet and read 45 different articles all giving vague advice or you just *cough cough* used your favorite influencer’s website for inspo. But if you’re REALY honest, the homepage copy is… lackluster to say the least. And I get it, building and running a business is a ton of work, but when it comes to how to make your homepage good and what to put on your homepage please, please, pleasssseeee don’t just wing it or copy your fav influencer’s example. As a professional website copywriter and content strategist, I often see so many amazing small businesses with fantastic products and a heart of gold to serve their customers, but their homepage copy is costing them SO many sales simply because they are missing 1 or all of these 5 things every homepage needs.  Their copy that should be leading me to buy their amazing product instead just falls flat and doesn’t do them or their bottom line any justice. The truth of the matter is, it’s no longer good enough to just have a great product. The words that you use on your website and (website content in general) MUST be clear, customer-focused, and lead your potential buyers along a predetermined path. So, buckle up for some quick, down and dirty tips to improve your website copy. These are 5 things you will definitely want to have on your website’s home page to maximize revenue. 


5 things your homepage copy must have to maximize revenue

1. Your homepage must have a very clear “BUY NOW” type button

  • If there is ONE thing that you can change on your website TODAY, right now, this is it: Give the people a way to easily buy from you
  • Don’t make them work to figure out how to give you their money, because newsflash we are lazy creatures and getting lazier by the year (Uber Eats for McDonalds anyone?)
  • If someone has to do some digging to figure out how to work with you, you are literally leaving money on the table. 
website homepage quote graphic: if there is one thing you can change on your website page today it is this: Give the people a way to buy from you easily

2. Your homepage has got to have a clear answer to your customer’s most pressing question: What can YOU do for me?

  • It’s true. We all love to connect with the human part of your business and we love that you have a beautifully crafted mission statement. But NONE of these things should hold the most precious real estate on your website: the above the fold line on your home page. 
  • The above the fold space should be reserved for the answer to your customers MOST pressing question: What can YOU do for THEM?

3. Give your potential customers a glimpse into your process

  • I, as your future customer, NEED to know the highlights, a brief overview, a birds-eye looksie of how you are going to get me from point A (where I’m at right now) to Z-skipping happily off into the sunset with my problem solved thanks to you and your process. 
  • This is especially important for more non-traditional and online businesses. Everyone knows that an electrician will fixes flashing light fixture, but they do NOT however, necessarily know, how you, as a business coach or a photographer solve their problems and add value to their life. 

Have you ever wondered what to write on your About Page? This blog is DEFINITELY for you then.

4. Your homepage needs a highly valuable freebie

  • Why a do you need a freebie or lead magnet on your home page? Because email marketing is about a bajillion times more effective than social media (the most popular statistics say that when email marketing is done right, you get an average of $38 return for every $1 invested) So, smart small business owners need to take every opportunity to build their email list with a high value freebie. 

5. Give your customers language to talk about you

  • Strategically craft a 1 sentence summary of what you actually do, what problem do you actually solve
  • When Sally-just-bought-from-you is telling her BFF about this great investment she made, Sally should not have to search for the words to describe the value that you brought to her life. She should have read carefully crafted verbiage again and again that describes what problem you actually solve. Some people call this an elevator pitch but really it’s so much more than that. This helps your customers CLEARLY understand what it is you actually do for them and gives them the language to talk about YOU to their friends. Winning at life if you ask me. 
tall woman with long hair dancing in a field behind a quote graphic saying "homepage copy tip: give your customers the language to talk about you"


Your homepage needs some social proof! Have you been featured somewhere? Gotten stellar reviews? Sprinkle a few of those on your homepage without overdoing it. Your future customers want to know if you’ve gotten other people the success that they are hoping to see choose testimonials accordingly!


I know that running a business or heck even just putting together your own website copy can be super daunting. But take it from me (and other experts), taking the time to make sure your homepage has these 5 crucial elements is worth your time and effort. And if you’re still wondering “what in the ever loving to I actually SAY on my website?” reach out here to schedule a free no-obligation chat to see if I can help you write website copy you can finally feel confident in. But EVEN if we never ever work together, please, take these recommendations as your “must have list” for homepage website copy and get that homepage up way better than par! Stop leaving money on the table and whip your website copy into shape. Make those words work for YOU

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