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Not getting traffic to your website? Could it be that you built your website on the wrong platform? While I KNOW there are SOO many website platforms out there (and more all the time), I also know that if you’re building on the wrong website platform- then you are working too hard! I get asked questions like “What’s the best website platform,” fairly often.  After years of research and lots of trial and error on my part, I’ve figured out the best website platform that works WITH your SEO strategy, and is pretty to boot.

When I KNEW I needed to switch platforms

A while back when I was re-doing my website I got a brand new branding package, new photos, and (of course) good copy. I put tons of elbow grease and work into re-building a new website, and felt REALLY good about it. Like…it was ON POINT. Until I got access to a client’s website analytics and saw an entire extra digit on their traffic…on a very not cute website.

I realized then that if I didn’t start building a website with traffic and SEO in mind, on a platform that favored SEO, I was going to be swimming upstream. So I started to dig and after a while found my current platform that I absolutely LOVE and encourage everyone to switch to. In my experience and work with clients, 2 other big names have appeared over and over again.

3 big players in website hosts among my pals and peers:

  • Squarespace– It’s EASY and pretty beginner-friendly. You can be up and running within a few hours. And the best part is it can be an all-inclusive platform. You can have your email, domain name, course hosting platform, and sell products all straight from Squarespace.
  • Showit– It is absolutely BE-A-UTIFUL. It’s designed especially for photographers soooo hello- it’s gotta be pretty! But there IS a learning curve when building a website; it can kind of be intimidating at first. It’s married with WordPress for blogging, so your website is hosted on Showit, and your blog is hosted on WordPress but they work together.
  • WordPress– It has been around forever and is by far the most popular globally. In a lot of cases, Wordpresd is the cheapest, but it is also the hardest to figure out because you can customize literally everything!

But ultimately Showit is my favorite (and current website platform). I send everyone-friends and clients- to it because it works so well.

The real question, is Showit good for SEO?

YES! Yes it is! Which is why I use it and I send ALL my friends, clients, and students that way.

As I said, I had Squarespace before, but the SEO hacks I knew worked, wouldn’t work on Squarespace, so I switched to Showit.

Because there is a learning curve with Showit, I want to give you 3 tricks to make you fall in love with your new Showit website.

3 easy tips to make Showit work for you

  1. Do your keyword research ahead of time!!!
    There is no massive “change all/reset” button. So before you start, you need to have a goal keyword for each main page and an overall keyword goal to help rank the website overall. It’s easy to make changes once you know what you’re doing keyword-wise wise and you can categorize text easier and faster.

    (Side note: If you need help figuring out your keywords, you might want to snag your keyword strategy call asap and nail those keywords down pat.
  2. Buy a template that’s fairly close to the design you want
    You can change colors and fonts in Showit with a few clicks, but to move elements around is a little cumbersome. You must edit on desktop and mobile separately to ensure it looks right. (Womp womp womp) Buying (or choosing a free) template that’s close to what you want will save you time and work in the long run. Ask me how I know.
  3. Don’t hate me for 2 whole weeks
    You HAVE to get over the learning curve. After working hard on it for 2 plus weeks, everything will make sense and it gets easier! I promise! Just dedicate a few hours here and there to get through it. It WILL get easier, I promise!

An SEO friendly website platform is SO worth it!

Although clunky, WordPress is pretty SEO friendly, and the hacks I’ve used do work with WP. So if you’re already on it and are comfortable with that platform, stay put. But if you are on anything else, please scoot on over to Showit! You might hate me for a little while, but you won’t regret it long term. I actually have a Showit affiliate link if you’d like to check it out AND there’s even a bonus module in the Organic Marketing Framework course that gives you a few pointers exclusively for Showit. That’s how much I believe in it, y’all.

Once you make the leap, let me know how you like migrating over. And don’t hesitate to ask questions! Showit Support is PHENOMENAL! Happy website building!

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Is Squarespace good for SEO?

Squarespace makes things EASY for the website builder. It automatically resizes images and has a great desktop to mobile flow that makes editing your website easy. However, there are several limitations when it comes to utilizing on page SEO strategies.

Is WordPress good for SEO?

Yes! WordPress can be great for SEO; however, because everything can be changed and customized, it’s easy to build a website that is too complicated or too slow for great SEO.

Is Showit good for SEO?

Yes! Showit is my personal favorite for great SEO and beautiful design. While Showit IS harder to learn and harder to use than Squarespace, it IS much easier to use than WordPress while still being very SEO friendly for website builder.

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