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Let’s be real, we ALL have to market our businesses. Yes, word of mouth is POWERFUL and (probably the most powerful form of advertising there ever will be), but when it comes to EVERY other form of advertising, we are either paying for ads or taking advantage of organic marketing. But what should we focus on? As entrepreneurs or digital business owners, there is only so much time to DIY your marketing or only so much to spend on the marketing budget. I’m going to break down paid ads vs. organic marketing, how to use them to your advantage, the pros and cons of organic marketing or paid marketing, and what you actually need to grow your business. 


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My Number 1 Website Platform for Beautiful Design and Great SEO

Not getting traffic to your website? Could it be that you built your website on the wrong platform? While I KNOW there are SOO many website platforms out there (and more all the time), I also know that if you’re building on the wrong website platform- then you are working too hard! I get asked “What’s the best website platform” for great SEO fairly often. After years of research and lots of trial and error on my part, I’ve figured out the best website platform that works WITH your SEO strategy, and is pretty to boot.


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Copywriting Tips

4 Free Website Copy Tools to Write Better Copy. Number 2 Will Surprise You!

As a professional website copywriter and wordsmith by nature, I have tried out my fair share of website copy tools. And while I DO love me a worthwhile subscription and paid time with an expert, the truth is, some of the best website copy tools are free and easy to access!


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Copywriting Tips

3 VERY Common Website Copy Mistakes to Avoid for Better Lead Generation

When was the last time you looked at your website copy with fresh eyes? As a professional website copywriter and SEO consultant, I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at websites and evaluating them to make changes/improvements. And let me tell you, there are some VERY costly and COMMON mistakes happening out there.


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Must Reads

4 SEO Traffic Factors to Increase Your Website Traffic

I know what you’re thinking about SEO traffic. You’ve put in all the work, you’ve done all the research. Your SEO is ready! But where are your results? How LONG will it take for your SEO strategy to WORK? How long until you see more traffic? It’s understandable. You want to see results. You want […]


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SEO Tips

3 Beginner SEO Tips For Better Leads On Your Small Business Website

SEO can be intimidating and confusing, so how about we talk SEO basics? This is the basic stuff you need to understand to get leads on your website. Trust me, I know, SEO can be overwhelming. It’s a lot to understand and I’m going to break it down for you. I’ll explain these simple SEO […]


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Must Reads

7 Surprising SEO Statistics To Market Your Small Business

SEO is kinda my business. I’m always trying to learn more about SEO, so when I saw this article about SEO statistics, I had to check it out. This article looks at SEO trends for 2023. These top SEO statistics should be applied to your business because how you plan to use these statistics can […]


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Content Tips

Too Much Time Blogging? 5 Time-Saving Tips to Improve Your Content Strategy

How much TIME should you spend on blogging? I am constantly hearing that blogging takes too much time. I absolutely know what you mean. Blogging is your investment in your business and investments take time. What if I said that it doesn’t have to take a lot of time? I’ve got 5 time-saving tips to […]


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Blogging Tips

Goodbye Instagram! 5 SEO Blogging Tips to Increase Website Marketing

Have you asked yourself, “where do I even start with SEO and blogging?” Making the shift away from social media may seem impossible, but what if I told you that you it isn’t? What if I told you that you don’t need to shift completely away? With the right tools and these 5 SEO blogging […]


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SEO Tips

An Effective SEO Strategy in 3 Easy Mindset Shifts

Tired of marketing on social media? Social media isn’t what it used to be. Learn 3 mindset shifts for a long sustainable SEO strategy



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