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Let’s chat about improved SEO. Are you getting a little (or a lottle) overwhelmed thinking about trying to get more leads using your website? Does the idea of optimizing your website, setting up a blog,  and doing keyword research make you break out in the cold sweats? Then you, my friend, read on to learn simple mindset shifts to help your SEO success AND snag the brand new freebie that I created to make your life SOOO much simpler.


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Blogging Tips

5 Steps to A FUN Content Strategy For Great SEO & Lead Generation

Learn the STEP by STEP guide to create a content strategy that’s great for SEO and lead generation that doesn’t suck the life out of you.


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Content Tips

My Number One Tip to NEVER Run Out of GREAT Content Ideas

I bet you’re thinking I’m going to pitch some new website, software, or even a coaching service. And while coming up with content topics and titles is DEF one of my secret superpowers, lol, that’s not where this is going.

Now I’ll be the FIRST to tell you that there are some amazing websites and tools out there that will generate content topics based on a keyword that you enter or on other topic ideas.

But this is not that.


This is a SUPER simple but HIGHLY effective tip to always have high-quality content ideas on hand when you need to create content.


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Copywriting Tips

Optimize Website SEO 5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Website SEO in 1 Hour

Let’s talk about optimizing website SEO. Did you know that you can actually put your website to work FOR you? And while there are certainly lots of complicated and Uber-Nerdy techy behind-the-scenes things that you could pay someone lots of dollars to fix for you, there are ALSO some very simple things that you can DIY to massively improve your website SEO.


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Grow Your Audience

7 Genius and Free Tips for Lead Generation and Audience Growth

Is it possible to have an audience growth strategy and lead generation plan that doesn’t require spending a BUNCH of money on ads? Well, I’m a firm believer that it’s not only possible but kinda fun-in a weird “fit the puzzle pieces together” kind of way. If you are struggling to get your content in front of more people, whether it is growing your Instagram following, your email list, or getting more organic traffic to your website, these 7 tips (and one mindset shift) will help you grow your audience with the right people and ultimately generate more leads!


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How to get a big picture vision for your business

back, but now you don’t even remember what it was? In this podcast and blog, you’ll learn HOW to get a big picture vision for your business,  WHY it’s so vitally important to your success as an entrepreneur, and how it will help you have a life that you enjoy.


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Overcome the Fear of Starting with These 8 Mindset Shifts

Do you feel STUCK or paralyzed about starting your business or the next BIG thing that you KNOW you need to do for your business? These 8 Mindset shifts will help you figure out where the root of that fear is coming from and kick it in the teeth as you move BOLDLY forward into ALL that God has for you to do!


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Copywriting Tips

Why a DIY About Page is Hurting Your Business

Did you know that your about page is typically the second most visited out of all the pages on your website? Now, I know that money is tight in the start-up or even early stages of any business, and you’re literally piecing together All. The. Things. But trust me when I say that a DIY about page is hurting your business most of the time.


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How to Talk About Your Business Without Feeling Awkward

Ever had this scenario when you have to talk about your business? “So nice to meet you! What do you do for a living.” She says with a smile on her face. “Oh… uh…. I (awkwardly stammer) I just have a little business using social media,” you finally say. “Dangit, why do I always blow […]



Blogging Tips

What to Do Before You Hire a Blog Writer

Should I hire a blog writer? What should I expect from a blog writer? Is hiring a blog writer worth my investment? These are all, ALL good questions that you should have answers to before you shell out cash. I truly do believe that most business owners need to do these 5 things before they hire a blog writer.



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