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3 VERY Common Website Copy Mistakes to Avoid for Better Lead Generation

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When was the last time you looked at your website copy with fresh eyes? As a professional website copywriter and SEO consultant, I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at websites and evaluating them to make changes/improvements. And let me tell you, there are some VERY costly and COMMON mistakes happening out there.

Listen in and see- are you making one of these 3 mistakes in your website copy? Are you confusing customers and losing valuable leads because you’re just unaware? Fix these 3 website mistakes and see better conversion and lead generation from your website with a minimal amount of extra work.

1. You don’t tell people HOW you get them results in your website copy

  • You save them a bunch of time? Bunch of money? Help them make a bunch MORE money? But HOWWWWW?
  • The internet is FULL of people blowing smoke out their rears… TELL ME HOWWWWWWW you’re gonna get me results.
  • I don’t need all your secrets or the EXACT play by play… but I do need a general idea of how you’ll take me from point A to point B
  • I like to have website copy clients break their process down into 3-5 simple steps. YES- I realize that it may actually be more steps than that or more complex.. But let’s simplify it and put the steps into generalities.

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2. Giving your audience too much info too soon distracts from the MAIN message of your website copy!

  • Almost on the flip side from not telling your people HOW you get them results, don’t overwhelm them with info.
  • I know that we all want to tell people how awesome our stuff is, but don’t overwhelm them with details- especially at first.
  • I frequently see websites with WAY too much text in the above-the-fold space.
  • In general, I try to shoot for less than 20 words in the main above-the-fold text. Less is even better- especially if it’s CLEAR. However, I won’t forsake brevity for clarity.
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3. Having a complicated main navigation will detract from even the best website copy

  • SIMPLIFY it, y’all. I’m sure you’ve heard the acronym “KISS”- Keep it Simple Stupid, but really, it’s true for so many things.
  • Do not make your client’s brain work extra because they have to dig through too many buttons to find what they need.
  • You need to give people links to the most important things. Tell them how to purchase from you, learn more about you, find your services and your free stuff. It’s ok to “sandwich” or nest most of the other pages.

Make Your Website Work for You

Your website should be your main home or hub on the internet, this we know. But the work and intentionality that it takes to make an income-generating home can be a LOT. Ask me how I know! However, you’ll find that if you take heed to these warnings and avoid these mistakes, you will be far ahead of the competition and able to put your website to work for you MUCH faster.

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