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3 Content Creation Tips to Talk Out Your Content

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Aahhhh, content creation. Nearly every business owner struggles with it at some point. Let me guess what happens when you sit down to write that new blog that you know you should write… You’re all hyped up. You know you can do this. It’s just a blog. You aint’ skeered. Heck, you’ve even prepared and gone through a “Content Planning Workshop” so YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GONNA WRITE ABOUT (who dis?) But then that ever-hateful cursor starts blinking back at you and you justtt don’t know what to say…. So you type a few sentences. They all sound dumb. You delete. Type a few more. And repeat the process until you either post a V sub-par blog or dramatically close your laptop and storm off to get a pint of ice cream. What if I told you there was an EASY solution? What if I even told you that it is free?

See, here’s the thing, not everyone processes things best by writing. Contrary to what your high school English teacher told you, not everyone gets to be a natural writer just by writing more. Some people are natural-born talker-outers! Meaning this: you need to verbalize something to process it.

But how do you verbalize something effectively? How do you best talk out your content? Well, allow me to teach you.

1. Begin with the end in mind when creating anything

Hi. This is your friendly pal Faith here reminding you that nobody likes a rambler. Yes, yes, yes, a good warm-up or easy intro is fine, but ain’t nobody got time to listen to you ramble.

When you begin your content talking session (or any content creation session) with the END in mind, you will communicate MUCH more clearly and concisely.

Grab this stellar content creation template! It’s the one I use for myself and blog content writing clients

2. Record yourself talking about your topic

Bust out that voice memos app and just record yourself talking. You can easily go back and type out what you said or even use one of these apps/websites to turn your talking to yourself convo into a written transcript.

Please note: I have never personally used these apps to transcribe, but I do use Rev to record calls regularly. However, they are all on multiple “best transcription apps” lists.

Pro tip: please, for the love of all things holy, do NOT just take the transcript and publish that. Have the human decency to put that into a more readable form with bullet points, numbers, or at least a 5 paragraph format.

3. Call up a friend and talk through your content for the month or quarter

Do you have those friends who just seem to draw things out of you? Me too. Plan a phone call with them where you just hash out your content for the week/month/quarter. However, MAKE 100 certain that you are recording your call! If you are a verbal processor (and I’m guessing that you are because you’re reading this blog) My favorite app to use for this is Rev Call recorder. It’s free unless you want them to transcribe your calls. Just make sure to forewarn your friend that there will be a little robot lady voice that says “this call is being recorded” as soon as they pick up. Privacy laws and all.

Wondering how you’d ever come up with months worth of content at once? Check out this post for 11 Tips to Never Run Out of Content Ideas Again.

Whew! Was that so helpful? I know SOOO many of you small business owners struggle to create consistent and high-value content simply because you are VERBAL processers! Have no fear, these methods have worked for multiple friends and clients and are SURE to make your content creation process MUCH less stressful, and heck, who doesn’t love a completely free way to up your content creation game?

P.S. If you still believe the lie that you don’t need to create consistent blog content, think again. Here’s why:

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