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Do you spend hours and hours creating content to market your online business? Well, I’ve got news for you, if you’re NOT repurposing content strategically, then you are flat out WORKING TOO HARD and wasting time. In this podcast episode and blog + with this freebie, I will SHOW you the exact strategy I’ve taught in masterclasses and to paying clients to repurpose content and turn one piece of content into 5, 10, 15, EVEN 20 pieces of valuable content.

At the end of this blog or podcast (whichever you prefer) (especially if you download the FREE cheat sheet I have for you-you will have:

  1. A solid understanding of why you need to repurpose
  2. STOP feeling bad for repurposing
  3. A CLEAR easy to understand strategy to repurpose content.

Tips for Repurposing Content Strategically

1. Start with your “Thesis” SOFT or SOST -ONE clear sentence WIN audience will walk away with.

  • I know that it’s super tempting to want to teach your people all the things at once (ask me how I know). But one of my English professors in college gave me this tip and it has really stuck with me. 
  • Say. One. Freakin. Thing (or Say One Stinkin Thing, like I do because I don’t like the word “freakin”).
  • Not only will this help you stay on track and craft a great intro, but it will help your audience know where you are taking them and if this piece of content is the right fit for them. 
  • Get super clear on what your point is for that piece of content to be able to communicate it clearly and concisely. 

2. Keyword research should always be part of your content strategy!

(Go read this blog if you haven’t done keyword research or haven’t created yourself a keyword bank)

  • Keyword research is absolutely VITAL to create and repurpose content that your ideal client will actually read and implement!
  • Because sometimes the words you THINK people are using are NOT the words they are actually using. And make certain to use the right words and phrases via your keyword research will be a GAME changer in your reach and overall marketing strategy. 

Download the Cheat Sheet for All the Cool ways to turn 1 piece of content into 5, 10, 15, or EVEN 20 if your heart so desires. 

3. Outline the main points of your content (at least)

  • While as an English nerd, I am absolutely one to write out MORE than just my main points, I realize that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, you really do have to at LEAST outline your main point to keep yourself on track.
  • Listen, if you don’t know where you are going, nobody else will either. Outline your points and get to the point.

4. Create and publish your content

  • Get your podcast, blog, or youtube video out there on the interwebs
  • Please, for the love, do NOT rely solely on social media. Please. Get yourself a blog or podcast or BOTH!

My favorite “How to Start a Podcast” resource (yes, this is an affiliate link)

Also, 6 Reasons You Need A Blog

5. Then repurpose your content strategically

  • You’re THEN going to PULL main points, intro, conclusions, and quotes from THAT are repurposed across all the places.
  • For example- a well written intro can be repurposed into a caption or an entire video introducing the idea. 
  • The main point can be repurposed into a conversation starter-type post!
  • Truly, the possibilities are endless.

Really, just go grab my Content Repurposing Cheat Sheet. It’ll be SO so helpful in your content strategy.

Pin and Save for Your Content Strategy for Years to Come

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