How to get a big picture vision for your business

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Have you ever sat down to get a big-picture vision for your business? Or maybe you did that a while back, but now you don’t even remember what it was? In this podcast and blog, you’ll learn HOW to get a big picture vision for your business,  WHY it’s so vitally important to your success as an entrepreneur, and how it will help you have a life that you enjoy. 

How to Get a Vision for Your Business- 4 Easy Steps

I hear so many stories of entrepreneurs getting started in business and being all gung ho, and then a few months in, or even a few years in, they are sick of it and quit. 

While quitting a business you don’t love or pivoting isn’t necessarily a bad thing (you’re not married to your business), there are some things you can do either before you start a business or after you’ve started one to make sure that the business you are building is one that you’ll actually enjoy having and working on, lol

And while some businesses are def seasonal and not meant to last forever (ask me about my lemonade stand or my headband businesses), it breaks my heart when I see entrepreneurs quitting on a business that was TRULY their DREAM! I do believe that a big part is because they never sat down and got the big picture vision. 

“Without a vision, people perish” /wander astray/ pass to an inferior position. Proverbs 29:18  (def misquoted this in the podcast, sorry guys)

1.  Spend quality time with God on a regular business and let Him give you His vision for your business

  • As a Christ follower, your life is not your own, neither is your business. Allow God to speak vision and direction to every part of your life AND your business. He knows what you will need in a day, a year, and 10 years, so let Him lead!
  • Psalm 37-literally the whole chapter– is one of my favorite passages of scripture to read for affirmation on my calling, trusting God, and growing my business. Seriously. It’s so good.

2. Figure out what you want your life to look like and build your business around that.

  • Too often, we get started building a business or just doing something we love to make extra money, and then we look up, and it goes contrary to the lifestyle or schedule that we ultimately want to keep. 
  • We will be most successful when we begin with the end in mind. What kind of schedule do you want? Do you want to travel for work? Do you want to work nights and weekends? 

3. Figure out what kind of work and what parts of your work that you enjoy doing

  • It doesn’t mean that it’ll be perfect right away, but you have an idea and a vision for where you are going.
  • Far too often, I think small business owners shy away from the business owners shy away from growth because they look at all the things on their plate and get overwhelmed with the idea of EVERYTHING increases. 
  • In reality, as you grow, there will be a lot of things you can either outsource or get rid of altogether. 
  • You don’t have to do all the things forever. Sometimes even knowing that helps you get a big picture vision and move towards it easier. 

4. Figure out what you’re REALLY good at and what makes you stand out.

  • Not only will knowing this help you to niche down and start getting more of the right clients, but it will also give you more confidence to establish your God-given vision for your business. 
  • After all, nobody likes to suck at what they do for a living! So don’t build your business around what you suck at. (Seems relatively self-explanatory, but you would be surprised)

Don’t beat yourself up if you change or pivot! You’re not married to your business; you’re married to your spouse and Jesus. That’s it. But I truly believe that asking yourself and answering these four questions will help you get a big picture vision for your business, ultimately grow your business, and help more people with what God has gifted you to do.  

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