3 Things That Might Be Missing On Your About Page

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Click through a few of your favorite influencers bios to read the about page on their website and I can almost promise you that you will find something like this: “coffee is my love language and you can always find me cuddling with my pups” and then to be regaled with a long story about why they got into XYZ industry and cute photos of them.Great. Now you know their Starbucks order…. Which is fine… IF they (and you) also include these 3 things that MOST small business owners are missing on their about page:

1. What’s in it for your potential client? How can YOU help them? 

Donald Miller explains this so wonderfully in his book “Building a StoryBrand.” As consumers we are all working to save brain calories and our number one question we are asking all the time subconsciously is “How can you help me?” So please, don’t leave potential clients wondering. Your client wants to know about you as it pertains to helping them. Tell them CLEARLY how YOU as a product or service provider can help them. What problem do you fix!

 I am not saying that your entire bio should be a sales pitch, but talk about some of the aspects of your journey that will be helpful to the problems that they need solved. 

2.   Establish your authority.

We are all always learning, well… good small business owners are… Sometimes it can be hard or awkward to toot your own horn, so to speak, but the reader has obviously come to your about page because they think you are at least decent at what you do. Don’t be afraid to say why you are someone that they can trust to do business with. Again, include relevant parts of your journey as it helps solve their problem or helps them relate to you. 

3.   A CLEAR way to work with you or stay connected with you.

Don’t just leave your reader hanging! If someone reads all the way to the end of your about page, give them a dang prize or something, lol. Put a link to a freebie, a discount code if they sign up for your email list, SOMETHING. I would even recommend including some links to one way to work with you. This is when it’s great to share a snippet of your mission statement language.  Ideally, you will have provided so much value, connection, and insight that they will at least want to hop on your email list, but at the very least your about page should convert readers to social media followers. Don’t be afraid to tell them the kind of value, connection, or help that they will get if they stay connected with you. 

       I know writing an about page or bio can seem so awkward, but don’t let it! It is okay to own what you are good at! We-as the people on the earth- NEED you to confidently walk in what you are gifted to do. Use your about page to connect with and clearly communicate your expertise with your potential clients. Confidently introduce yourself and the value that you provide.

For customized help with your About Page, reach out here. I would love to help you!

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