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Goodbye Instagram! 5 SEO Blogging Tips to Increase Website Marketing

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Have you asked yourself, “where do I even start with SEO and blogging?” Making the shift away from social media may seem impossible, but what if I told you that you it isn’t? What if I told you that you don’t need to shift completely away? With the right tools and these 5 SEO blogging tips, you can shift your focus in your marketing strategy. Just think, you won’t have to shake your booty on social media every day!

I’m gonna be honest. Personally, I’ve all but let IG go. Guess what? My biz has actually grown! When I stopped, I didn’t see a negative difference in my business. So, I haven’t looked back. This might not be true for you, however, and that’s ok. For some, the shift away from social media will not be easy. But that’s why I’ve come up with some tips to help you make the shift away from social media!

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5 SEO Blogging Tips for Effective Marketing

1. Why Are You in Business?

You need to go deep for this answer. If your response is to just make a buck, well…that ain’t enough. Instead of creating content for the sake of creating content, you need to make content that will flow naturally. When you know your “why”, it will make content pillars much easier. True story!

2. Keyword Research

I’ve said this before, so I will say it again: It’s not enough to think you know what people are searching for. You need to KNOW for sure what people are searching for. SEO needs to be at the forefront of your marketing strategy.

  • Is it related to your business
  • Are they my ideal customer?

Every time I do keyword research, I am surprised. It’s true! Keep a separate list of verbal phrases versus what is actually typed in the search bar. You will learn that they are different. Keep these key points in mind when doing research:

  • Know your person
  • Your promise
  • Your place
  • Problem you solve

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3. Set Up the Back End of Your Website

This includes:

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • URL
  • Name your photos
  • Website copy

Setting up the back end of your website will ensure it keeps working for you. What does this mean? It means you do not need to keep checking your website every week. When your backend is set up, it is way more sustainable. Social media is a daily commitment.

graphic with text that reads "figure out how much time you put into social media and then flip it to create long-form content. After that, repurpose your long-form content for social media."

 4. How Much Time Do You Put into Social Media?

Figure out how much time you put into social media and then flip it to create long-form content. After that, repurpose your long-form content for social media. For example, if you create a blog a week you can repurpose the same blog all week on your socials. Smart, right?

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5. Set Up Your Tracking Systems

I like to use Google Analytics and Search Console

It might seem overwhelming, but it’s so important to have these systems set up. They will track a few necessary things such as:

  • Page views
  • Users
  • How long do people stay on your page
  • Organic traffic
  • Direct traffic
  • Social media traffic

You will see firsthand what is working and what isn’t working on your website.

Sustainable Marketing WITHOUT Depending on Social Media

There you have it! 5 SEO blogging tips you can use to pivot away from social media. Remember, you do not need to abandon social media completely. It might not make sense for your business to get rid of it completely. If you follow these tips for long-form content you will build a sustainable marketing strategy, without relying solely on social media. Getting started with SEO and blogging is just smarter. So, work smarter, not harder.

Christian entrepreneur riding horse teaching about social media and seo blogging tips
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