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My Number One Tip to NEVER Run Out of GREAT Content Ideas

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Never run out of content ideas? I bet you’re thinking I’m going to pitch some new website, software, or even a coaching service. And while coming up with content topics and titles is DEFINITELY one of my secret superpowers, lol, that’s not where this is going. 

Now I’ll be the FIRST to tell you that there are some amazing websites and tools out there that will generate new ideas based on a keyword that you enter or on other topic ideas.

But this is not that. 


This is a SUPER simple but HIGHLY effective tip to always have high-quality content ideas on hand when you need them.

So stop staring at that blinking cursor, and let’s jump on into my number one tip to NEVER run out content!

Are you ready?

Keep an updated master content list to house all your content ideas.

First of all, what is a “master content list”?

A master content list is simply a single list or document where you house ALL of your ideas for content.

This is not the place where you plan out your content, write your outlines, or even necessarily do keyword research. But this is just a “brain dump,” so to speak, for your actual content topics.

AND instead of having ideas scribbled across random notebooks, napkins, and documents, (looking at you, fellow creatives), it is all in one place.

Why do all your ideas need to be in one place?

 Well so you can FIND them and use them! Not only will this save a TON of time, but it will spark MORE ideas as you read through your master list occasionally.

Where’s the best place to keep all your ideas and Master Content List?

My FAV place to house my master content list is on google drive because I can have access to it anywhere. If you’re a Dropbox kid or an Evernotes kid, that will work too. Just make sure it’s something that you can have access to wherever you have service.

What should your master content list look like?

  • If you want to keep it simple, just a list
  • If you want to get fancier, you can break it down into content pillars
  • If the juices are flowing, you can even do a rough outline under each topic

WHY should you use a master content list

  • When the creative juices are flowing, then you can take advantage of it!
  • Instead of having to put yourself BACK in your ideal client’s shoes, thinking of all the questions they are asking  every time you sit down to write or record, you’ve already done the heavy lifting upfront
  • When you talk to a client or see something on the internet that sparks an idea, you have someplace handy to put it
  • Allows you to batch CREATE much easier and ultimately saves a ton of time. 

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How do you create a Master Content list?

Literally, just start a good doc and download the google drive app to your phone

To get you in the habit of using it, make it a practice to add ideas to it every day for a few weeks.

If you need help getting started coming up with ideas, check out this blog for 11 tips to never run out of content ideas!

Pin one of these to share with your friends who need ideas too!

What is a Master Content Ideas List?

A master content ideas list is simply a single, easily accessible list to house all of your content ideas.

Where do you find great content ideas?

Market research, social media, Pinterest, even google search suggestions are a great place to find great content ideas, but it’s what you do AFTER you find great ideas that matters! After all, if you forget them, it won’t matter. Keep all your content ideas-even the bad ideas- on one content ideas list.

How do I keep track of social media content ideas?

Keeping your social media content ideas on a master content list will not only help you have fresh ideas, but it will help you keep track of them so that you can post on social media consistently.

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