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How do you write website copy that’s SEO friendly and pleases the google gnomes to help your site rank without sounding like a robot? Well, pal, I’m about to tell you. As a professional copywriter, I figured out how to blend the SEO strategies and the Customer Centric Copy Strategies that matter to help YOU optimize your website and get you in front of the right people!

Listen in on this podcast and get a good reminder of what SEO is, why it really matters. You’ll learn the 2 different approaches to website copy and why you need BOTH, and I’ll share the behind-the-scenes SEO hacks that make it possible!

If you have a website and wondered why you’re not “ranking”, or popping up in the top of Google’s search results OR if you’ve ever clicked on a random website and thought, “How in the heck did THIS one make the cut?” I’ve got some SWEET SEO and Copywriting tips for you to learn.

What is SEO- what is it and does it really matter?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is essentially all the little things (literally 100s of factors) that you can do to help search engines be able to “read” or crawl your website and have it be “indexed” or pop up in the results when someone searches for what YOU offer!

Remember, if people can’t FIND you, then they cannot PAY you

The two different approaches to website copy: SEO focused vs customer focused and why it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

 SEO focused copy:

Can often sound like a robot because it focuses on please machines, not necessarily humans. Sites that only focus on SEO  sometimes have random strings of words that are apparently pleasing the Google gnomes, but are really annoying as a consumer or potential customer

Customer Focused Website Copy Approach: 

  •  Focuses on having copy that will answer their customers’ MOST burning question (Can you solve my problem) RIGHT away on their website in ways that are based around buyer psychology and simply serving people.  (For more on this, check out Donald Miller’s book, “Building a Storybrand“. Highly Reccomend.
  • I truly DO believe that everything that you DO and everything that you SAY in business should be around solving your customer’s problem and serving them!
  • Sometimes customer centric copy can SOUND amazing (truly, it’s an art)! However, if the search engines can’t find YOU, it’s not living up to its potential.

The truth is, you need website copy that is BOTH SEO-friendly and customer centric…that doesn’t sound like a robot!

4 Steps to Write SEO Friendly Copy Without Sounding Like a Robot

1. Do really thorough Keyword Research

Here are some of my favorite tools for doing keyword research!

Obviously, this particular blog and podcast is not a tutorial on how to do keyword research. It’s an extensive process. However, if you are just needing to get started, these are some great tools! And if you are ready to REALLY narrow in on your keyword focus and marketing strategy, book a Strategic Marketing Breakthrough Call here. In 1 hour, we’ll get you a marketing strategy that you can be confident in , a Keyword Starter Pack, and 3-6 months of keyword-rich content planned out!

2. Work at Sounding Like Yourself

  • Get really comfortable with your own voice! It’s ok (even amazing) if you don’t sound like everyone else out there!
  • Try making a list of words and phrases that you often say and a list of words and phrases that you NEVER say.
  • Another tip is to record yourself talking! Take note of what actually comes out of your mount and how you phrase your sentences.

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3. Use these SEO Behind the Scenes Hacks on Your Website

Disclaimer: affiliate link mentioned below.

  • Use a website-building platform like Showit instead of Squarespace. (This affiliate link will get you 1 free month of a Showit Subscription!)
  • Integrate Keywords into your H1 (Title) Text for each page
  • Use keywords strategically in your Page titles! Having “home” is a waste of space! (FYI, the page title can be different than the word people click on to get to a new page)
  • Write your own meta-descriptions. If you don’t write a meta description for each page, search engines will automatically create one based on the page content. However, you’re better intentionally writing one yourself because you can strategically use keywords.

Pin This SEO Cheat Sheet Graphic to Save for Later!

Search Engine Optimization be

4. Remember that you are talking to a person with thoughts and feelings

  • Ultimately, you are in business to HELP people with what you are great at! So DO IT and tell them CLEARLY that you can!
  • Be straight, but also talk to your customer how you would appreciate being talked to!
  • Sometimes, you’ll have to swap out how you might say it for how they are searching it. But always, still try to write from a heart of service!

Remember, your website and your BUSINESS needs to have copy that’s both SEO friendly and customer centric. Use these tips to help your website reach more people, sound like YOU, and represent your brand well!

For a more in depth discussion and examples, listen to the podcast: Write SEO Friendly Copy Without Sounding Like a Robot and the SEO Hacks to Make it Happen!

Listen in on: Apple Podcasts

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And save one of these sweet Pins, so you can always come back to these tips!

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