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4 SEO Traffic Factors to Increase Your Website Traffic

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I know what you’re thinking about SEO traffic. You’ve put in all the work, you’ve done all the research. Your SEO is ready! But where are your results? How LONG will it take for your SEO strategy to WORK? How long until you see more traffic?

It’s understandable. You want to see results. You want to see something measurable, and you want to know that all this hard work has been worth it. SEO is a crockpot approach and not a microwave. That being said, it is much more sustainable. In my opinion, it’s more effective because your marketing strategy is targeted towards problems people are searching for to find answers. You are building your marketing strategy around solutions. 

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4 Factors That Determine When Your SEO Traffic Will Start Working

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1. How Much Content Are You Creating Strategically With Your New SEO Strategy

Maybe you spent a lot of time and created a ton of content. And maybe, you created content around what you want. What you want may be different than what people are searching for. Your content needs to be geared toward what answers people are looking for. If no one is searching for your content, it isn’t going to work. 

Cornfield with text that reads "Keywords depend on size, competitiveness, and whether the search trend is going up or down. If your keyword is trending up you need to focus your content on that tread.

2. How BIG And Competitive Are The Keywords You’re Trying To Rank For?

Are you competing with Nike? If you are, then it might take a little bit more work to get you found. Ok, a lot more work. The mom-and-pop shop down the street is much more doable when it comes to comparative marketing. Keywords depend on size, competitiveness, and whether the search trend is going up or down. If your keyword is trending up, you must focus your content on that trend.

3. How “Healthy” Was Your Site Before You Started Making Changes?

Did you have broken links? Were your images too big? Did you have a slow load time? Did you only publish 1 blog? If your new content is lacking, it is going to take a little bit of time to build up your SEO traffic. If you already have tons of new content your SEO will grow faster.

4. SEO Traffic Depends On How Much SEO Street Cred You Already Have

Google looks at how helpful your site is. Has this site been around enough? Are we sure this site isn’t spam? The longer people stay on your site the more street cred you are building. 

Now that we’ve looked at these 4 factors, let’s look at how to speed up the process.

3 Tips to Speed Up The Process of Getting More SEO Traffic Organically

1. To Increase SEO Traffic, Submit Pages That Are Not Being Indexed

If you have any pages that are not being indexed resubmit them.

2. Fix Or Remove Broken Links

Y’all, it happens. Sometimes things get broken. If you aren’t sure how to check on broken links, Ubersuggest has a cool feature that will tell you which links are broken and how to fix them. You do have to pay for that feature though. 

3. Go GANGbusters On Your Blogs With Small Searches

Sometimes people go big with searches. I know, I’ve been there. You want to aim big. Go for your keywords and focus on blog topic ideas that are in the low search range. Anywhere from 50-300 searches per month is a good size. They make for great content because there is not a ton of competition for those words. Write a super helpful keyword-rich blog and you’ll gain some traction. Who cares if it’s just 50 people? 50 is more than zero.

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Increasing SEO traffic takes time, no matter what. SEO isn’t a quick fix but remember, it will be worth it. Focus on these 4 factors mentioned above and before you know it you will see results and an increase in your website traffic. 

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