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10 SEO Secrets to Get More Website Traffic 2022

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I’ll be honest, I really wish I had known these 10 SEO Secrets MUCH sooner. I’ve been blogging for myself/ had a website for 5 going on 6 years. I’ve always been a writer and was in ministry-ish and influence forever so at first, my website and blog were for those purposes. But then as I finally “gave in” to the passion I have for business and marketing and stopped trying to keep business and ministry separated, I got into the business, copywriting, etc. But it wasn’t until MUCH LONGER than it should have been, that I really started to look into SEO and creating content and websites with an SEO strategy in mind. 

10 Seo Secrets I Wish I Would Have Known to Get More Website Traffic 2022

1. The most important SEO secret is this: SEO matters

  • I can have the coolest site with the best content ever, but if it’s not optimized for SEO it won’t matter.
  • After all, if nobody can find you, then nobody can BUY from you. And if nobody can buy your thing, then you can’t help people with what you’re good at!
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2. SEO is a black hole

  • You could get lost in it and never come back. Seriously. You’ve gotta watch yourself 
  • It’s MASSIVELY overwhelming at first (which is why I think it took me so long/ takes other people so long/they never learn it).
  • But just know, that when you start learning SEO tactics, give yourself grace. Nobody gets their SEO 100% perfect right away, and the more you learn about your audience, your business, and SEO, you’re going to want to fine-tune it anyway. 

3. Good SEO is a much better long-term investment of your time than trying to keep up with all the social media trends

  • The changes to good SEO practices are much less drastic and almost always just in favor of a better user experience and providing solutions.

4. An encouraging SEO secret: Once you have a basic understanding of SEO- it really does get easier

  • I’m learning more about good SEO ALL the time.  Seriously, I don’t think anyone ever knows everything there is to know about good SEO. If they do, please send them my way and I”m gonna make them be my BFF.
  • Here are some of my favorite resources to help you start learning more: Ubersuggest, Headline Analyzer, SEMRush
  • But once you have the basics/ “get over the hump” like my friend Meghan says, it gets way easier. Promise! It can still be a black hole though, so beware.

5. Good SEO isn’t the ONLY thing you can be focused on

  • Robot-sounding websites are dumb. Nobody likes them.
  • Ultimately you are in business to SERVE people! So if you are only focused on search engine results and not meeting the needs of your people and loving them well, then you are missing the point of business as a Christian entrepreneur.

Listen to episode 10 for tips to write SEO-friendly website copy. (the words on your website designed to sell) without sounding like a robot. Read the blog here!

6. Maybe one of my favorite SEO secrets: A few simple SEO changes to your website, blogs, and podcast can make a HUGE difference

  • When I first realized I needed to write SEO-friendly blogs I was like NOOOOOO! I thought that meant that my blogs had to be boring, robotic, and take all the fun and personality out of writing. 
  • Eventually, I realized that including good keywords in the title, headings, and a few other places makes a BIG difference without compromising writing quality a lot.

Check out this podcast and this blog for 5 Things That You Can Optimize Yourself in Under 1 Hour

7. This isn’t really an SEO secret, but Google Analytics is dumb

  • Sorry guys. I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear. But it’s how I feel.
  • I just hate it. Sorry. It should be WAY more user-friendly and it’s not.  It’s cumbersome to use and just overall a pain in the tush.
  • So if you want to throw things through the window when you start messing with google analytics, know that you’re not alone

8. Most people are going to describe and teach SEO secrets with Urkle-level nerdiness. Get used to it, but also, don’t duplicate it

  • I read oodles of information and watched HOURS of videos to get a working understanding of a few google analytics terms when it dawned on me: that all of this stuff is NOT created by or created for normal humans.
  • Also has made me super excited to teach other entrepreneurs on a level that they can understand because I truly believe that it shouldn’t take a PhD in Tech Jargon to understand how to grow your website’s organic traffic

9. An SEO secret that I never thought I would utter: SEO can actually be kind of fun… in a “beat the system” kind of way

  • Now, I never EVER would have said this a few years ago when I was still “deer in the headlights” looking about all this. But when you realize that great SEO doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly complicated and a few simple changes really can make a difference, it can be fun.

10. When you nail down your SEO, have a great keyword strategy, and work the plan consistently, you’re going to be able to help MORE people!

  • I can have the coolest site with the best content ever, but if it’s not optimized for SEO it won’t matter.
  • Just think of all the people out there who need what you have to offer! You’re improving your SEO for them! To reach them, to help THEM!

When you get frustrated learning SEO, take heart. Great SEO is simply casting a bigger net and the right net, to reach the people that you are gifted to help. It’s about getting in front of the people who need the solutions that you have to offer. So don’t get discouraged! Don’t quit technology and vow to live in the woods forever (ask me how I know this is a thought.). Just keep on keeping on. SEO is a long game, but it’s one that keeps working.

Pin one of these images about SEO secrets for the next time you want to throw in the SEO towel!

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Is SEO important for small businesses?

Yes! Think of it this way, if people cannot FIND you then they cannot BUY from you. Even if you have other avenues for marketing your business, you should implement good SEO practices on your website so that when people search for whatever it is you sell, they can find you!

How much time does SEO take?

Optimizing your website and blog content for good SEO takes more time and work up front, no doubt. However, when you do thorough keyword research and keep a good list of keywords that are a great fit for your business and your goals, you don’t have to repeat your work. Currently, I am able to produce 1 SEO-friendly podcast and 1 SEO-optimized blog, and all marketing content in less than 3 hours per week as a solo-prenuer. I don’t hire anything out.

How much money does SEO cost?

There are lots of free tools to do good SEO research, however, there are several low cost options that will save you time as well. Ubersuggest is my personal favorite SEO and keyword research tool, however, even their free version and google chrome plugin is helpful and fairly easy to learn.

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