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7 Costly Website Mistakes That Are Killing Your Organic Lead Generation

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Are you making one of these very common website mistakes? I know you’re hustling your hiney off to grow your business, get more leads, and get more sales or clients. But if your website is not DOING its JOB and getting you FOUND for the things that YOU sell/the services you provide, well… Then your website is being a lazy bum and costing you SOOO much money. We need to PUT your website to work!

So in this podcast and blog, I’m walking you through 7 VERY common mistakes that you might be making on your website that are costing you money!

7 Website Mistakes to Fix Today for More Lead Generation

1. Having No Strategic Keywords is Killing Your Organic Traffic

  • You need to have a strategy for your keywords! Now, this isn’t some big and scary thing, it’s simply a well-researched plan for the words that you want to (realistically) get found for when someone types something into google.
  • Episode 13 on the podcast and this blog are all about keywords and doing keyword research

2. Keyword Stuffing is an Easy to Fix Website Mistake but it is Hurting Your SEO

  • I promise, this is a ZERO judgement lesson, lol. Because I have absolutely BEEN here. Oh, have I been here
  • I remember learning that I could put keywords in different places on my blog and I just went to putting whatever “keywords” I could think of in ALL the places, image names, meta descriptions, page names. If I could find a place to type text, it was getting keywords.
  • The problem with keyword stuff is that Google is {mostly} smart can tell when you’re keyword stuffing.
  • If the keyword isn’t relevant to the content and to your overall strategy AND it’s not realistic for you to actually rank for, don’t use it a ton.
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In this blog post and podcast episode, I break down a few things that you can easily do in one hour or less to improve your website’s SEO!

3. Unclear Messaging Is Absolutely Costing You Leads

  • Fluffy doesn’t sell, clear does. I get it, everyone wants to be cute and clever in their messaging, I do too. I am ABSOLUTELY guilty of this myself- some- not a ton. However, please know that you are leaving money on the table and NOT helping the people you were gifted to help, if you don’t present your offers with clear, solution based messaging.

4. Not pointing people to your website on your other platforms

  • I get that we need to market on other platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. But the point of those platforms should be to create rapport, engagement, and then ultimately drive traffic to our websites!
  • Don’t think of your website as an afterthought to your marketing, it should be the hub!

5. Using Wonky URLs is a Huge Website Mistake

  • Don’t delete your dashes. Please. I know they look weird to your eye, but to search engines, dashes are EVERYTHING!
  • Google cannot read dashless urls. It’s just not smart enough to separate words correctly.
  • One of the major components to having a great website is to make it EASY for search engines to crawl (or look at and categorize) your website.

6. Not Blogging Strategically is a Very Common Website Mistake

  • I’ve talked about this a ton before, but in case you’re still dragging your feet on blogging strategically to scale your business, you need to know- it’s killing your website traffic to not blog strategically.
  • You will never rank for keywords of any size if you’re not consistently creating content around those keywords.

Check out this blog post for more ideas and statistics.

7. Not asking for the sale!

  • It seems silly that us online business owners have to be reminded to ask for the sale, but we do. And the truth of the matter is, we need to ask for it CLEARLY multiple times on out website. Often multiple times per page, really.
  • But don’t get all nervous about it. Most people skim websites, they don’t read them (really, how much of this blog did you skim, be honest). And nobody except you (and me, if you have me do a website audit) are counting how many times you ask for the sale.

There you have it! 7 easy to fix website mistakes that are costing you some serious cash as an online business owner. Don’t feel bad, we’ve probably literally all made them! And if you’re thinking “FAITH, HELLLLPPP ME” go book a discovery call here. We’ll chat and get to know each other a bit. I can even do a quick 5 min website audit to see if there’s anything you can optimize right away, and then *hopefully* we’ll get to book a coaching call for me to help you NAIL down your keywords!

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