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In online marketing- or really any marketing these days- building, nurturing, and getting sales from your email list is of TOP priority. With the ever-changing algorithms of social media, email is THE ONE WAY you have a direct line to your people. But HOW do you build an email list? Well, the first step is […]



Blogging Tips

7 Easy Blog Updates to Make Your Old Content Rank Higher and Increase Traffic

Blog updates are probably not something you’re thinking about, but they could be a game changer for your website’s organic traffic. One of the biggest things that came out of the latest updates for Google Core last month, is the need for people to focus more on what’s working and what’s not working. (Which by […]


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SEO Tips

The 2024 Google Update Have You Stressed? 7 SEO Tips to Survive the Upheaval

Everyone is all worried and up in arms about (every) update ever. Especially the Google Core update that just happened this March. Meanwhile, I’m over here without a care in the SERPs world, armed with oodles of SEO tips! (Just in case you forgot: SERP stands for search engine result pages.) Why am I not […]


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My Number 1 Website Platform for Beautiful Design and Great SEO

Not getting traffic to your website? Could it be that you built your website on the wrong platform? While I KNOW there are SOO many website platforms out there (and more all the time), I also know that if you’re building on the wrong website platform- then you are working too hard! I get asked “What’s the best website platform” for great SEO fairly often. After years of research and lots of trial and error on my part, I’ve figured out the best website platform that works WITH your SEO strategy, and is pretty to boot.


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Copywriting Tips

5 Organic Marketing Mistakes That Even the Best SEO Won’t Fix

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying and trying to get SEO to work for your business? Well… I have some good news, and I have some bad news for you. You MIGHT be making one of these 5 organic marketing mistakes that are really undermining your SEO efforts. The good news is, they are easy to identify and relatively simple to fix! 


Woman with long dark blonde hair sitting on a hay bale and pendleton blanket with a laptop teaching seo tips for the google update

SEO Tips

4 SEO Traffic Factors to Increase Your Website Traffic

I know what you’re thinking about SEO traffic. You’ve put in all the work, you’ve done all the research. Your SEO is ready! But where are your results? How LONG will it take for your SEO strategy to WORK? How long until you see more traffic? It’s understandable. You want to see results. You want […]


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SEO Tips

3 Beginner SEO Tips For Better Leads On Your Small Business Website

SEO can be intimidating and confusing, so how about we talk SEO basics? This is the basic stuff you need to understand to get leads on your website. Trust me, I know, SEO can be overwhelming. It’s a lot to understand and I’m going to break it down for you. I’ll explain these simple SEO […]


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Must Reads

7 Surprising SEO Statistics To Market Your Small Business

SEO is kinda my business. I’m always trying to learn more about SEO, so when I saw this article about SEO statistics, I had to check it out. This article looks at SEO trends for 2023. These top SEO statistics should be applied to your business because how you plan to use these statistics can […]


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Content Tips

Too Much Time Blogging? 5 Time-Saving Tips to Improve Your Content Strategy

How much TIME should you spend on blogging? I am constantly hearing that blogging takes too much time. I absolutely know what you mean. Blogging is your investment in your business and investments take time. What if I said that it doesn’t have to take a lot of time? I’ve got 5 time-saving tips to […]


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Grow Your Audience

Trying to Improve Your Website But It’s Not Working? 8 Tips to Fix SEO

I just want to start by saying, don’t shoot the messenger! I just want to remind you that SEO is a long-game strategy. Instagram, Facebook, and social media have gotten us used to quick wins. Quick wins do not do a lot for generating sustainable income. Take a step back from your social media and […]



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