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Learn SEO, Keywords, and Blogging to Scale Your Online Business! No more Confusing Nerd language, Just shoot you straight Tips + a heavy dose of Biblical Principles for Business. 


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Welcome to the Blog

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Let’s chat about improved SEO. Are you getting a little (or a lottle) overwhelmed thinking about trying to get more leads using your website? Does the idea of optimizing your website, setting up a blog,  and doing keyword research make you break out in the cold sweats? Then you, my friend, read on to learn simple mindset shifts to help your SEO success AND snag the brand new freebie that I created to make your life SOOO much simpler.


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Blogging Tips

5 Steps to A FUN Content Strategy For Great SEO & Lead Generation

Learn the STEP by STEP guide to create a content strategy that’s great for SEO and lead generation that doesn’t suck the life out of you.


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Copywriting Tips

Is Your Brand Messaging Strategy Actually Generating Leads? 3 Ways to Know

Be honest, when was the last time you thought about or looked at your brand messaging strategy? Because you, your business, and your client are always constantly evolving, you NEED to audit and improve your brand messaging regularly. Here are 3 easy tips to get started.


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Grow Your Audience

10 SEO Secrets to Get More Website Traffic 2022

I’ll be honest, I really wish I had known these 10 SEO Secrets MUCH sooner. I’ve been blogging for myself/ had a website for 5 going on 6 years. I’ve always been a writer and was in ministry-ish and influence forever so at first, my website and blog were for those purposes. But then as I finally “gave in” to the passion I have for business and marketing and stopped trying to keep business and ministry separated, I got into the business, copywriting, etc. But it wasn’t until MUCH LONGER than it should have been, that I really started to look into SEO and creating content and websites with an SEO strategy in mind. 


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Grow Your Audience

7 Costly Website Mistakes That Are Killing Your Organic Lead Generation

Are you making one of these very common website mistakes? I know you’re hustling your hiney off to grow your business, get more leads, and get more sales or clients. But if your website is not DOING its JOB and getting you FOUND for the things that YOU sell/the services you provide, well… Then your website is being a lazy bum and costing you SOOO much money. We need to PUT your website to work!


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Grow Your Audience

Keyword Research: How to Do Keyword Research & How it Will Save You Time

Are you confused about keyword research? Wonder why it matters, how to do it, not to mention WHEN are you going to do it? No worries, pal. I’m going to walk you through WHY keywords matter, how to do it, and give you some gangbuster tips to help that keyword research work FOR you and save you time!


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Copywriting Tips

Write SEO-Friendly Copy Without Sounding Like a Robot

How do you write website copy that’s SEO friendly and pleases the google gnomes to help your site rank without sounding like a robot, a used car salesman, or being a billion-dollar company? Well, pal, I’m about to tell you. As a professional copywriter, I figured out how to blend the SEO strategies and the Customer Centric Copy Strategies that matter to help YOU optimize your website and get you in front of the right people!


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Copywriting Tips

Why a DIY About Page is Hurting Your Business

Did you know that your about page is typically the second most visited out of all the pages on your website? Now, I know that money is tight in the start-up or even early stages of any business, and you’re literally piecing together All. The. Things. But trust me when I say that a DIY about page is hurting your business most of the time.


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Content Tips

Create Your Content Strategy in 6 Easy Steps

Question: Have you actually sat down to create a content strategy for your business? If you’re like most hustlers trying to build a business, maybe work another job, and still have a LIFE, the answer is probably no. One of the biggest mistakes I see small business owners making is creating content with no real […]


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How to Talk About Your Business Without Feeling Awkward

Ever had this scenario when you have to talk about your business? “So nice to meet you! What do you do for a living.” She says with a smile on her face. “Oh… uh…. I (awkwardly stammer) I just have a little business using social media,” you finally say. “Dangit, why do I always blow […]



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